Where does space begin?

edge beginning of space

The beginning of space has been a discussion during years in aviation and space communities. What would be the beginning of the space for you? Why do we need to define that? In this article, you are going to discover the history of this questions.

In early aviation there was no definition for space in international conventions. Starting with the cold war, humanity started to send spacecrafts to so called space. Reaching the starts was a way of showing your power as a country in a military way. Well, after a few years countries started their investments on space companies. We all heart about space with Apollo 11 which was landed on moon 1969. After going fast in sending spacecrafts we heart about crashes too. The components of some spacecrafts have crashed into people’s gardens on world. After all, Liability Convention has been signed as a legal starting of space law in 1972. The purpose of this convention was to define what is space object and what are the liabilities for damage caused by space objects. The first definitions of space and space object has included in this convention. The reason why we talk a lot about this convention is space debris of today. The launching states are leaving the debris after the space object fulfills its mission and not cleaning or landing them because they do not have public founds for that.

Also some mines have been found in space and the academic communities are discussing if we can collect the mines or not. Of course we need a definition of space for that as well to be able to point the mines in a legal situation.

where does space begin

the begging of space and the edge of space

As you might have understood, the space border is not for Mr Felix who jumped from space to earth. I know everyone was wondering how they can decide whether it is space or not! Well, it was space. The space is defined as 100 km above the ground for some physical reasons. This is where you find the edge of space in case you want to go one day.(Please see space traveling opportunities, we have discounts for next summer) I am not serious about the space traveling but the reason why there is an edge between the air and the space is: the air pressure is too low and the number of atoms are too low which all means you can not generate an aerodynamic lift as you generate for normal aircrafts with your aerospace engineering calculations. That is the reason why 100 km is the edge of space which is named as Karman Line and recognized by international aerospace authorities.

Seem like aerospace engineers, space law specialists, academics and the companies will be discussing a lot about the edge and the beginning of the space in next years. I just wanted to give you the basic definition of it.

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