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Aerospace engineers are one of the recent engineering fields in the world. Demand and graduation of each engineering field is important. As a discipline engineering is most popular choice in university. Many students and occupational opportunities is possible at that point. Beyond talking about popularity, it is more important to know demand for aerospace engineers.

Working as aerospace engineering means having a job about aircraft, spacecraft, satellites and missiles. Demand to military or civil aviation vehicles can grow job outlook of aerospace engineers. From 2012 to 2022 nearly 10% of grow is projected in this field.

Aerospace industry need young aerospace engineers. Because 25% of aerospace engineers that work in aerospace industry is more than 55 years old.

Aerospace industry need young aerospace engineers. Because 25% of aerospace engineers that work in aerospace industry is more than 55 years old.

However there is a critical point about aerospace engineers. According to research aerospace engineering is a field that has oldest workforce. In the USA, 25% of aerospace engineers are older than 55 years. Average statistics for all field is 19%. So aerospace industry need new aerospace engineers.

Companies That Hire Aerospace Engineers

There are top companies that hire aerospace engineers. Most of the major aerospace engineering companies has largest and profitable opportunities. Manufacturing, design, maintenance companies or third party vendors can hire new aerospace engineers.

Most of the aerospace engineering companies are young companies in their field. Some of them are supported by governments and organizations. Culture of these companies is really dynamic and supportive for workers.

4Frontiers Corporation, Aero Controls, Airbus, Boeing, Beriev, Bombardier and Cessna are some of the companies that hire aerospace engineers. This companies can hire new workers according to projects or manufacturing situation. If you are interested in getting a job in aerospace engineering field you have to decide your working area. After that you can get job easily.

Aerospace Engineer Work Environment

Aerospace engineers has different work environments. Simulation, analysis, manufacturing and maintenance are major working fields of aerospace engineering. According to field working environment can change. For instance, if you are working in a design group which can be a project based contract you can work as office engineer. Otherwise, if you are working as manufacturing engineer you can work in a workshop. If you get master degree you can change future of your career.

Alternative work environment is possible in aerospace engineering. Different duties, educations and job skills determine working environment and conditions. Most of the aerospace engineers work in laboratory and factory. Social status and working hour can change. Overtime working is subjected during deadline of projects. You can go to abroad during projects. Patience is one of the key points that you have to have in aerospace industry. If you are planning to get a job in the USA, you need to know that most of the aerospace engineers work in California, Washington or Texas.

If you wonder salary of aerospace engineers you can check different salary surveys on the internet. Shortly, we can say aerospace engineers can get average of 90.000 USD salary yearly. But this can change according to your skills and expertize in aerospace engineering.

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