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Aerospace Engineering passion website

The most interesting engineering department in recent years: Aerospace Engineering. Even if it is difficult to get in and to graduate, the interest to the aeronautical engineering departments in universities is increasing in all in bachelor, master and Phd degrees. You may want to know about it; we have a good website for you that gives all necessary information on it.

Nowadays, with SpaceX, Blue Origin and NASA, we are all able to hear the last exciting news for space and aeronautics. Humanity is making a great effort to develop its skills. The next step seems to have settled on Mars within following 20 years. Some companies have already started to educate people for that!

Here we are with a team of aerospace engineers with all master degrees and industrial experiences in world’s leading companies. The website provides information on:

-What is aerospace engineering?

-What is happening in aeronautics and space companies?

-How to get an aerospace engineering degree?

-Best aerospace engineering schools in the world. They even provide services for you in order to choose the best degree that fits with your profile.

-How to get a job in aerospace industry? Interviews and question-answers for aerospace engineering jobs.

Aerospace Engineering passion website

Aerospace Engineering passion website

The most interesting part of our website is that you can ask questions to engineers with no fee at all. Use our section “Ask an Engineer” to ask anything you would like to learn from them. There you can find engineers from NASA, SpaceX and SNC.

The portal also has some up to date written scientific articles on scientific topics. The articles are written by specialized experts and they create a great free source for all enthusiast, students, engineers and researchers. There are different sources in all engineering fields but in aviation. So this website fils a gap of engineering point of view in aviation.

You can also have a chance to involve the biggest community and create your own network. You may meet experts in your domain and have career advices or even some internships in best companies in the world.

Also there is a free part where you can ask any question to aerospace engineers which is called ask an engineer. You are able to direct any question on any field of aerospace engineering, or just have a conversation with the website’s great working team.

They have partnership with universities, so the more you involve to more chance you will get in whatever you do related to aerospace engineering.

The aim of the website is to create an useful source for aerospace engineering and they are putting great effort on it. We hope that it will be helpful for what you are looking for and help aviation get better. Just remember that better aviation makes a better world for living.

Our the motto is «  aerospace engineering is a passion ». Tune up with us for next moves!

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