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Aerospace engineering is a field that requires experience and broad knowledge. However gaining experience and knowledge can gained by books. Aerospace engineering books are well organized information sources. Different topics are written in all aspects in these books. System engineering, engine technologies, industrial aspects and aerodynamics are most important topics of aerospace engineering books.

Requires broad knowledge and experience

Working in aerospace engineering requires broad knowledge and experience

If you are an aerospace engineer or aerospace engineering student in pre-graduate or graduate level you can get useful information from these sources. In this manner we have checked and written top 10 books related to aerospace engineering fields.

Which Aerospace Engineering Books Are Popular

Flight Theory and Aerodynamics: A Practical Guide for Operational Safety – Aerospace engineering starts with mathematics. This book teaches basic physics and principles of flight with minimum mathematics. You can find detailed information about basics of flights from takeoff-landing to supersonic aircraft theory. Necessary information about aircraft theory can learn from this source.

Spacecraft Systems Engineering – Whatever a professional or undergraduate student, you can find detailed information about systems engineering. Basic principles of communication, structure and ground or flight equipment involved in this book.

Aircraft Propulsion – Engine technology is core of aerospace engineering. With this book undergraduate or graduate students can learn propulsion system details from an expert. Engine and turbine basics are involved in this book.

The Global Airline Industry – Everthing is not engineering. Getting information about aerospace engineering facilities is more important than basic engineering study. With this book it is possible to learn latest developments in aerospace environment.

Theoretical and Computational Aerodynamics – One of the most optimized field in aerospace engineering is aerodynamics. Theoretical and computational calculations of aerodynamics can be learned by using this book. Not only mathematical details, also simulation details are taken into account in scope of book.

Aircraft Structures – If you are interested in aerospace engineering as mechanical engineer, this is a compulsory book for your library. It is a bit old but excellent for undergraduate students and practitioners.

FAR/AIM 2016 (Kindle edition): Federal Aviation Regulations/Aeronautical Information Manual – Excellence is most important thing in aerospace engineering. If you are interested in regulations this is the up to date book of aerospace engineering industry.

Aircraft Electricity and Electronics – Avionics is a critical topic for aerospace engineering. If you want to learn electric and automation details of aircrafts you can get this book. Most comprehensive book about basic electric and automation of aircrafts.

Aerospace Engineering Books and More

Practice differs from theory during application. But learning opportunity can decrease this difference. So it is really important to know critical points of engineering basics in aerospace engineering. However, beyond books it is important to check state of art technologies in aerospace engineering. If you are working in aerospace engineering industry, you can subscribe different newsletters and magazines.

You can find useful information and latest developments in aerospace engineering from commercial printed or digital magazines. As a result information has no limits in aerospace engineering.

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