The future of aerospace engineering: Concorde and Hypersonic Jet

concorde crash aerospace engineering

The legendary airplane which had been built by the best aerospace engineering departments has landed from the Paris Airport Charles de Gaulle with fire and ended up crashing to suburbs in Paris killing 114 people.We are going to get into details of these series of aviation news. The actual causes of the crash has been enlightened by French aircraft crash investigation office BAE:

-It was broken when they passed over a metal on the runway during take off

Lets get into details of this aerospace engineering issue:

Also the airplane was in a disastrous position at the take off time because of the landing gear problem. When people questioned the investigation, they have seen that the airplane may have not been maintained well. When it was checked, the spacer which had to be put into landing gears has been found in the workshop area on the older landing gear bar which was replaced. They unfortunately forgot to put the spacer according to the Huffington Post researcher writers. We definitely do not know if the writers have knowledge in aerospace engineering but it seems they do have resources. And think about it: As Concorde has a delta wing, the moment on landing gears is too high and there is a strict procedure to take off for pilots. An error could already cause a crash. In addition to that, during tests, because of this moment lots of parts were already reached their fatigue life and had to be replaced which means a lot maintenance costs. Fatigue life is one of the most important things when building airplanes. You want your parts to resist more, to live more so that you will not need to change them and you will ensure the safety. And also the airplane was flying out of its envelope and its stress limits. When an airplane is built, you define a flight envelope to knowing the stress limits of airplane in every flight situation.  As you can see below a flight envelope which defines the limits of the airplane in aerospace engineering applications:

aerospace engineering concorde flight envelope

aerospace engineering concorde flight envelope

A sad happening for aerospace engineering:

When you gather all the things above, this sad accident happened and have stopped the aviation future for a while ending 114 peoples lives.

Coming from those days, as humans never stop, seems like we are going to start a new Concorde journey again. In the last days, Airbus has patented a hypersonic jet to reach up to 4—4.5 mach which is 0.5 times more than the speed of sound. This means being able to fly from London to New York in 1 hour. Concorde was able to reach up to 2 mach and go the same distance in 3 hours 30 minutes.

The similarities with Concorde is that it has delta wings. And of course after take off it will climb vertically like a space craft. During take off it will use 2 turbojet engines and a rocket engine, after it climbed and reached the sound speed, turbojets will shut down and just rocket engine will stay to direct it. When it reaches the cruising altitude, ramjet engines will start and rocket engine will shut off to reach up to 4.5 mach. At this stage it will be powered by hydrogen. The big difference it brings comparing to Concorde is that it is aerodynamically designed for sonic booms. Concorde was producing sonic booms causing nice pollution. This was a missing point of the aircraft in terms of aerospace engineering. Actually everybody was complaining about it. In the patent it is stated that it could be used for 20 passenger civilian purposes or military purposes.  For more visual information, you can watch the video below.

For the people interested to read, the patent number is: Patent Number – US 9,079,661

Here is the video for this aerospace engineering magic:

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