State of Art RF and Microwave Technology in Aerospace Engineering


Communication is everything in aerospace engineering. Thousands of data, many of details and control of components and systems in aircraft always require latest generation of communication technologies. In this manner radio frequency and microwave technologies are placed as core communication technologies in aerospace engineering. Air to ground and air to air communication has different concepts. From military to consumer goods RF and microwave technologies have widely used area. But it has a different meaning in aviation: Today, advanced gigahertz and terahertz microwave technologies are one of the state of art aerospace engineering technology.

Basic Principles of RF and Microwave Technology in Aerospace Engineering

Wireless communications technology basic starts from VLF bandwidth. MF, HF, VHF, UHF, SHF and EHF named as high frequency bandwidth. These bands are used in ship and aircraft communication systems. MF, HF, VHF and UHF are widely used frequency bandwidths. EHF, Sub-mill and light spectrum are underdeveloped and state of art bandwidths, which have 30 gigahertz, 300 gigahertz and 3 terabytes of frequency. Not only bandwidth, also speed of data transfer is mentioned in new technologies.

Data transfer, error correction, circuit design, bandwidth and antenna technologies are general topics related with aerospace engineering communication technologies

Data transfer, error correction, circuit design, bandwidth and antenna technologies are general topics related with aerospace engineering communication technologies

RF and microwave technology design have some basic steps in aerospace engineering. At first, volume of information define characteristic of radio wave. After bandwidth choice electronic circuit design need to be considered. There are major concerns about frequency technology. One of them is short length of high radio frequency. Another problem is antenna and material technology that used in high frequency. Ceramic materials and super conductors are highly focused fields of radio frequency and microwave technologies.

New Era of Communication in Aerospace Engineering

New developments in RF and microwave technology involve new horizons about data transfer. Nature of radio communication or microwave technology has a limitation in same frequency data transfer. In radio frequency technology it is really complex to create an environment that can communicate receivers and transmitters at the same time. Limitation about full-duplex data transfer does not led increasing data exchange capacities.

Used materials in circuits limit communication capabilities. However implemented new semi conductors and alternative circuit designs can change future of communication in aerospace engineering. Nano scale materials and cancellation of “echo” problem in new designed circuits are latest steps in radio frequency and microwave communication technology. Error correction, data transfer speed, antenna technologies, bandwidth, materials and circuit design are general topics that are focused in aerospace engineering communication technologies.

Collaborating new communication skills with big data technologies can improve safety, capability and stability of aerospace engineering vehicles. By using microwave sensors and technology radar signals can be processed with less power but in more compact way. Beyond control of aircrafts data collecting can reach to new values. Especially remote controlled aircrafts can be new vehicles of exploration.

RF and microwave technologies have basic principles since their first invention. But future of these technologies is really bright. We see what will happen next. A lot of aerospace engineering companies have patents and commercial applications in this field.

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