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The average aerospace engineer salary in the United States depends on various factors. We have prepared some informative charts here to help you out with your salary. Here you will find the lowest amount of starting salary for an aerospace engineer in different aerospace companies in united states. The average salary can be found as 67000 US Dollars per year. You can also see the difference in the salary comparing to the average one. These datas depend on national salary datas and our analysis. We –Aerospace Engineering– have analyzed all the datas for you. The companies which are checked:

  • The Boeing Company
  • Northrop Gruman Corporation
  • NASA
  • Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR)
  • US Air Force (USAF)
  • Orbital Sciences Corporation
  • General Electric Aviation (GE)
  • General Atomics Aeronautical Systems
  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Sierra Nevada Corporation
  • Spacex
  • Rolls Royce America
  • Pratt and Whitney
aerospace engineer salary company profile

Aerospace engineer salary company profile

In order to have a better view to this table, we have prepared a chart with the average aerospace engineer salary compared to the companies starting salaries. The orange bars are for the average salary which is 67k per year, the brown ones are the companies starting salaries. As you can see below, the starting salaries of the General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Orbital Sciences Corporation, Sierra Nevada Corporation and Rolls Royce America’s starting amounts are lower than the average aerospace engineer salary in aviation industry in United States.

aerospace engineer diffrences in salary then average

Aerospace engineer diffrences in salary then average

You can also see the percentage difference of every company than the average salary. Independent of being lower or higher, this graph shows the difference with the average and the starting amount. The best starting salary for an aerospace engineer seems to be provided by General Electric Aviation (GE) with a difference of %13 than the average.  This maybe up on the states where General Electric Aviation is settled because all cities have different cost of living ratios. We will be analyzing the salaries depending on states next parts of our article.

aerospace engineer salary ratios per company

Aerospace engineer salary ratios per company

How we define the average aerospace engineer salary?

In the graph below, you can see a normal distribution analysis which we applied to define the median of the salaries defined.  How we can analyze this graph?

  • Median is 67k per year. That means %50 of the aerospace engineers in united states are expected to earn less than 67000 US dollars per year.
  • 55k is at %10. This means that %10 of the aerospace engineers are expected to earn less salary then 55k for their starting salaries.
  • 76k is at %90. This means that %90 of the aerospace engineering salary is less than 76k per year in the US.

This graph provides a better view of your future salary:

average aerospace engineer salary median

Average aerospace engineer salary median

Here you have a 3D version of our median graph if want to have a better view on the graph. You can easily place your self here to find out your starting salary depending on the graphs before for companies.

aerospace engineering salary average graph

Aerospace engineering salary average graph

Aerospace Engineering Salary by States

In order to see how cost of living affects your salary in every state please check the table below. It provides the different salaries of aerospace engineers in every state depending on cost of living and the salaries taken from US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics. You can also see the which state gives the best salary for an aerospace engineer in the US.

Aerospace Engineer Salary by States in the US
State Hourly Wage Annual Salary Rank
Aerospace Engineer Salary in Virginia 6073,00 126,32 # 1
Aerospace Engineer Salary in District of Columbia 5951,00 123,77 # 2
Aerospace Engineer Salary in Colorado 5914,00 123,01 # 3
Aerospace Engineer Salary in Maryland 5792,00 120,46 # 4
Aerospace Engineer Salary in California 5424,00 112,81 # 5
Aerospace Engineer Salary in New Jersey 5423,00 112,80 # 6
Aerospace Engineer Salary in New York 5309,00 110,42 # 7
Aerospace Engineer Salary in Massachusetts 5280,00 109,83 # 8
Aerospace Engineer Salary in Texas 5249,00 109,17 # 9
Aerospace Engineer Salary in Washington 5233,00 108,85 # 10
Aerospace Engineer Salary in Alabama 5108,00 106,24 # 11
Aerospace Engineer Salary in Iowa 5080,00 105,66 # 12
Aerospace Engineer Salary in Wisconsin 5051,00 105,07 # 13
Aerospace Engineer Salary in Georgia 5040,00 104,84 # 14
Aerospace Engineer Salary in Illinois 4864,00 101,17 # 15
Aerospace Engineer Salary in Connecticut 4851,00 100,90 # 16
Aerospace Engineer Salary in Ohio 4826,00 100,38 # 17
Aerospace Engineer Salary in Kentucky 4793,00 99,68 # 18
Aerospace Engineer Salary in Kansas 4773,00 99,28 # 19
Aerospace Engineer Salary in Louisiana 4767,00 99,15 # 20
Aerospace Engineer Salary in Pennsylvania 4757,00 98,94 # 21
Aerospace Engineer Salary in Minnesota 4756,00 98,93 # 22
Aerospace Engineer Salary in Florida 4705,00 97,86 # 23
Aerospace Engineer Salary in Delaware 4586,00 95,39 # 24
Aerospace Engineer Salary in New Mexico 4561,00 94,87 # 25
Aerospace Engineer Salary in Mississippi 4551,00 94,67 # 26
Aerospace Engineer Salary in New Hampshire 4517,00 93,94 # 27
Aerospace Engineer Salary in North Carolina 4433,00 92,20 # 28
Aerospace Engineer Salary in Nebraska 4427,00 92,08 # 29
Aerospace Engineer Salary in Oklahoma 4418,00 91,89 # 30
Aerospace Engineer Salary in Michigan 4402,00 91,55 # 31
Aerospace Engineer Salary in South Carolina 4382,00 91,14 # 32
Aerospace Engineer Salary in Oregon 4355,00 90,58 # 33
Aerospace Engineer Salary in Tennessee 4228,00 87,95 # 34
Aerospace Engineer Salary in Alaska 4207,00 87,51 # 35
Aerospace Engineer Salary in Arizona 4113,00 85,55 # 36
Aerospace Engineer Salary in Nevada 4038,00 83,98 # 37
Aerospace Engineer Salary in Indiana 3970,00 82,57 # 38
Aerospace Engineer Salary in Utah 3665,00 76,23 # 39

There are also different types of jobs in aerospace companies. You can have opportunities such as:

  • RF Engineer
  • Avionics Production Engineer
  • Reliability Engineer Warranty
  • Product Engineer
  • CNC Programming Engineer
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Hardware Design Engineer
  • Liaison Engineer
  • Metallurgical Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Stress Engineer
  • Control Systems Engineer

If you are curious about salaries applied to these positions, you can have a look at our table for job types in aerospace industry. This table can also help you with your career choices and future expectations.

aerospace engineer job types salaries                                                             Aerospace engineer job types salaries

Also you have options to choose a job in:

  • Private Sector
  • Federal Government
  • State Government

Your salary will change regarding your choice. We have prepared a national wage distribution for aerospace salary in different 3 sectors. Below you can see the differences between Private sector, Federal Government and State Government. These may change upon the cost of living in states. (Please see above for local salaries)

national wage distirubition aerospace engineer

National wage distirubition aerospace engineer

Check our other articles on aerospace engineering salaries or ask your questions for free.

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