Producing Aircraft Detail Assemblies in Aerospace Engineering


The below basic standards can over spread a wide range of basic capabilities that you need to assemble components to produce aircraft detail assemblies in aerospace engineering, and which will prepare you for entry into the engineering or manufacturing sector.

Need To Prepare For The Assembly Activities

You can prepare for the assembly activities by acquiring useful information, documentation process, particular tools and equipment required, and to plan how you intend to carry out the necessary assembly activities. The sequence of operations you intend to use.

In order to carry out the assembly operations, you will be required to follow speculate procedures and particular assembly skills, in order to assemble the various components into detailed assemblies. You have to produce a span of assemblies, which could include stringers, frames, panels, trays, skins, and other assemblies, as suitable.

assembly procedues

assembly procedues

Specific Standard Requirements For Assembly Operation

In succession to prove your capability to combine the different aircraft detail assembly operations, at least one of the assemblies can produced must be of a notable nature, and must contain a minimum of four of the components listed in scope.

Performance Criteria

You must be able to:

  • P1  Work safely at all times, complying with health and safety guidelines
  • P2  Have a Pre planned for the aircraft detailed assembly procedures before you start them
  • P3  Acquire the suitable tools and equipment for the airplane detailed assembly operations, and check that they          are in a safe
  • P4  Acquire the identified components and check that they are in a usable condition
  • P5  Use the suitable methods and techniques to integrate the components in their right positions
  • P6  Secure the components using the specified connectors
  • P7  Do measures and have a check that all dimensional and geometrical aspects are meeting requirements
  • P8  Check the assembly to ensure that all operations have been completed
  • P9  Deal promptly and effectively with problems
  • P10 Leave the work area in a safe and tidy condition on completion of the fitting activities

Knowledge and Understanding

Needs to be aware of and understands:

  • K1   The specific safety precautions to be taken whilst carrying out the detailed assembly operations ( which will         including any specific legislation, regulations or codes of practice relating to the activities)
  •  K2  Importance of wearing appropriate protective clothing and equipment (PPE),
  • K3   The hazards associated with producing aircraft detail assemblies, and the tools and equipment used
  • K4    The procedure for obtaining the required designs, job aids and other related instructions
  • K5    Importance of working to the assembly instructions and appropriate specifications
  • K6   Process of how to use and extract information from engineering drawings and related specifications
  • K7    How to interpret first and third angle drawings
  • K8    How to identify the components to be used
  • K9    Preparations has to be taken on components earlier to fit them into the assembly
  • K10  The assembly methods and procedures to be utilize, and the significance of adhering to those procedures
  • K11   How the components are to be aligned and positioned
  • K12   The methods used to hold the components in their right position earlier to acquiring
  • K13   Various mechanical fasteners that will be used
  • K14   Importance of utilizing the certain fasteners for the particular assembly
  • K15   How and what to do if the components and/or fastening devices are not set correctly, are                                         damaged, or have other faults
  • K16   When and why you should acquire design acceptance before removing and replacing faulty fasteners
  • K17   The application of sealants and adhesives
  • K18   The purpose and utilizing of joints sealing agents and anti-electrolysis barriers
  • K19   Quality control procedures
  • K20  How to conduct any useful checks to ensure the precision and quality of the assemblies produced

Thus, these are the major needs for performance criteria, knowledge and understandings for producing aircraft detail assemblies in Aerospace Engineering.

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