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PARS Rocket Team has been founded at Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Aerospace and Astronautics at 2012 May. In supervising of Prof. Dr. Alim Rustem Aslan the team endeavors in rocket engineering and science with currently 30 individuals. PARS Rocket Team manufactures genuine designs and domestic sub-systems of rockets and makes assemblies and tests systems and sub-systems by single-handedly.

Our working fields are briefly;

  • Rocket Avionics
  • Structural
  • Hybrid Rocket Engines
  • Solid Rocket Engines
  • Test Systems

Whole team members are undergraduate students from freshmen to senior students. PARS is a special team; it is the first student team which deals with rocket science, rocket engineering and entrepreneurship in Turkey. Our team members works in theoretical and practical rocket technologies. First student designed and manufactured first solid fuel rocket engine case, Tripoli level II certificate, first civilian high altitude rocket salvos are several successes of innovative PARS. Turkey’s first hybrid rocket engine designed, created and tested by PARS Rocket team. Also, at 2014 June, PARS had participated in Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC). IREC is held by Experimental Sounding Rocket Association in consortium with NASA in the Utah, United States. PARS participated in advanced category, thus, PARS has become the first Turkish team that participated in IREC.  Moreover, PARS participated in IREC at 2015 June, basic category and obtained beneficial appreciation from the jury.

This year PARS will participate again in IREC 2016, which is the world’s largest student rocket engineering competition with participation of prestigious universities around the globe, densely from US and Canada. In the competition, main goal is to transport the 4.5 kg payload to 10000 feet. The competition days are 15-19 June 2016.

At 2014, our two stepped rocket has taken a great appreciation from jury. At 2015, we participated in basic category instead of advanced. We could not have the first place nor second but our flight and our payload, which is a machine that mimics seeding to Mars, has obtained great acclaims from the jury and from the other teams. With experiences gathered from competitions PARS Rocket Team visions to participate in the competition with Turkey’s first Hybrid Rocket. Our team members will graduate with qualified knowledge of rockets, ready to serve to Turkey or other countries as engineers or scientists. PARS gives assurance from its’ past successes.

pars rocket team itu

Pars rocket team itu, Source : Experimental Sounding Rocket Association

Pars Rocket Team participated in the competition with solid fuel rocket engine. Normally it was intended to participate in the competition with the motor which is produced by Pars; because the conditions were not secure to produce solid fuel, it was unable to participate with it.  Following this, ROKETSAN, one of our main sponsors, has suggested the team to work on hybrid rocket engine. Since that day, the hybrid rocket engine studies are continuing. Hybrid Rocket engine has not tested by any group, institution or organization in Turkey with the exception of PARS Rocket Team. Turkey’s ignition of the first hybrid rocket engine was held on May 2015 by PARS Rocket Team. PARS Rocket Team is working on such an important Research and Development work to be a pioneer in Turkey.

In addition to these studies, PARS Rocket Team realized the first civilian rocket fire in the borders of Turkey on May, 2015. In the test rocket, electronic systems were tested and the required data were transmitted to the ground station without any problem. Test launches will continue.

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