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Design and manufacturing is core part of aerospace engineering. But as a finish of production painting is most visual topic of an aircraft. Cosmetic changes and creating brand images are possible by different painting applications. Inspection of an aircraft by customers is common situation. Background of aircraft painting has more details than cosmetic details.

As a job aircraft painting is a popular occupation in aerospace engineering. There are different aircraft painting facilities in the world. Aircraft painters can work this facilities with average 4.000 USD salary. Finding a painting job is possible for professionals.

However, aircraft painting process is really critical in comparison to cosmetic details. There are nearly 400 control points during painting process of aircraft. Whole painting process in aerospace engineering has mechanical and chemical issues. Preventing corrosion of aircraft body is main target of painting process.

Corrosion control of aircraft is a specific control function which is generally performed with painting process. From washing to component painting there is a whole process for corrosion control. Most important part of painting is planning.

Different materials are used during aircraft painting. Composite materials and aluminum surface requires special care. Acetone, alcohol,benzene, MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone), Methylene Chloride, Toluene are common cleaning materials that are being used in aerospace engineering painting process. As drying agent turpentine can be used. Varnish and urethane, epoxy or zinc chromate dyes used for painting.

Traditional Painting versus Painting in Aerospace Engineering

In traditional painting process of aerospace engineering, painting or coating of aircraft is not as easy as thought. In normal conditions each color painting requires nearly ten hours of drying time. And due to protection needs most of the applications has environmental unfriendly dyes.

But new technologies and applications about painting is not problem any more. Similar to automotive industry painting process aircraft painting process go further. New application layer by layer has boost painting performance.

Painting Requirements in Aerospace Engineering

Due to high temperature difference during flight and erosion of air it is really important to have anti-resistant coating is critical. Basic difference of aircraft painting is environmental and usage differences of them. Newly developed techniques led having better performance in aerospace engineering. After base coating a varnish protection fulfill protection requirements of aircraft.

Most imporant part of aircraft painting. There are different studies about painting organizations.

Most imporant part of aircraft painting. There are different studies about painting organizations.

There are different studies about painting organizations. Especially work force planning and coating technologies are developed in last years. There are different research and development studies that use simulation methods for aircraft painting lifetime prediction. Prognostic tools that can be used for prediction of aircraft coating is one of the computational side of process.

Painting an aircraft takes nearly five days of work and more than 200 liters of dye is needed. Beyond marketing details it is really important to check cost and environmental impact of painting process. There are a lot of details which needed to take into account. Amount of used dye and requirement of cleaning are only a few of them. New processes are developed in aerospace engineering.

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