Next Generation of Overseas Journey in Aerospace Engineering


Overseas journey is one of the major aerospace engineering fields. Life is fast. Points are unlimited. So human need to be faster. In this manner we can say that supersonic flights are next generation of flight technology. Fast, efficient and time saving travelling is critical for human.

21st century is a time where development of vehicles has great momentum. Invention of lots of flight vehicles and using them afterwards military purposed usage has made our life really simple. Flying faster than speed of sound and beyond military monopoly using this technology for journeys is going to be next point of flight vehicles for this century. All of aircraft companies believes that hypersonic air vehicles are going to have both civilian and military applications.

Novel Aerospace Engineering Project: Zero Emission Hypersonic Transportation

Project that named “zero emission hypersonic transportation” which is really critical for aerospace engineering field has started in 2009 has a clear vision for research and development efforts. In scope of designing ultra-rapid air vehicle project Airbus has patented Marco Prampolini and Yohann Coraboeuf.

Airbus’s ultra-rapid air vehicle designed to fly higher than conventional flight vehicles. Marco Prampolini and Yohann Coraboeuf designed to fly 20 km higher than conventional aircrafts (that can fly in 10 km height) and carry 24 passengers with their luggage. It can reach up to 4.5 times speed of sound. A speed like this, it is estimated to have a journey from New York City to London in 1 hour. In general this flight takes 8 hours today’s conditions.

Aerospace Engineering: Airbus Marco Prampolini and Yohann Coraboeuf

Next Generation of Overseas Journey in Aerospace Engineering: Airbus Marco Prampolini and Yohann Coraboeuf

Invention of Marco Prampolini and Yohann Coraboeuf powered by turbojets, ramjets and a rocket. In patent paper these details can be seen clearly: Two turbojets are placed in under the fuselage. Two ramjets are placed under delta wings, a rocket engine is placed in rear end of plane.

Design Concept of Supersonic Aircrafts

Main design idea of Airbus is based on boosting performance and reducing impact of detestable sonic boom. There are critical points to fly with these speeds. In history some trials had tried for high speed aircraft journey. Concorde and Tupolev Tu-144 was first supersonic aircrafts in the world. Both of them were used commercials for a limited time period.

Every year Airbus applies for hundreds of patents that is related with aerospace engineering. Lots of them are not capable of commercial usage. But beyond commercial production it is really important to have a research and development studies. In engineering manner during design stage it can be possible to have an ultimate aircraft like Marco Prampolini and Yohann Coraboeuf. However there is no doubt about working on feasible conditions of this type of flight journey. Speed can be critical point but think about airports, flight controls and health of human beings. Airbus is predicting to have an ultra-rapid air vehicle in 2019. We will see what will happen next.

Is it Healthy?

By applying top engineering skills it seems it is possible to have a supersonic aircraft. But is it really healthy for us? If you trip by a supersonic aircraft can you adapt your body to your new environment? Lets listen this questions from our aerospace engineering experts in our next articles.

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