Manufacturing in Aerospace Engineering and New Standards


Manufacturing management is one of the most complex fields in aerospace engineering. From early stages of manufacturing to product life cycle, it is important to focus on manufacturing process and OEMs. Deadlines are another side of story in aerospace engineering. Due to multi supplier organization and high costs management of whole manufacturing process is really important. Before published standards many manufacturer has strict manufacturing routes for suppliers.

Due to cost overruns, deadline issues and quality problems management of manufacturing is involved in standards. There are different manufacturing management standards for aerospace engineering. SAE has published a new standard about manufacturing management that is named as AS6500. But there are another standards related to quality evolution of manufactured parts.

However, there are companion standards related to manufacturing in aerospace engineering. Quality management systems that have broad scope about aerospace requirements, manufacturing management program standards, FMECAs, variation management of key characteristics, counterfeit parts prevention are general topics that are related to new standards.

Management of manufacturing process requires process optimization, production modification and affordable product cost for aerospace engineering. Flexibility and tailor ability need to be considered during manufacturing. Not having top requirements is critical, also flexibility in requirements have to be provided supplier.

How is Manufacturing Management System Organized in Aerospace Engineering?

Manufacturing organization has broad program, policy and objectives. A well planned organization starts with manufacturing planning, goes on design analysis and operation management. AS6500 standard manufacturing management standard involves complete solution for aerospace engineering industry. But it is not limited with AS6500. In aerospace engineering AS9103, AS5553, J1739 and AS9102 are common standards.

Manufacturing management in aerospace engineering has broad integration with another standards

Manufacturing management in aerospace engineering has broad integration with another standards

Implementation of standards is not easy. But it has major benefits in manufacturing program lifecycle. Implementation of manufacturing management system decrease costs in production cycle. However, during development stage of program increased effort need to be considered. Traditional manufacturing organization can’t present cost avoidance in time. Establishment of manufacturing organization has little cost for suppliers but it improves cost reduction in time.

Advantages of Applying New Manufacturing Management Systems in Aerospace Engineering

New manufacturing management standards require certain operations to be in certain conditions. So it is possible to control life cycle in early stage of manufacturing. These standards do not have law or certification situation in manufacturing. But as a natural result of standardization it has clear outcome: It requires less regulation in acquisition process and simplify all manufacturing process.

Suppliers have advantages, too. Flexibility of manufacturing process and having a road map address having same language in aerospace industry. 360 degree control of manufacturing is involved in manufacturing management systems. Right in time delivery, having metrics, proper requirements and focusing right parameters  are not problem.

Cost saving is possible with manufacturing organization. But it requires a budget during development period.

Cost saving is possible with manufacturing organization. But it requires a budget during development period.

Aerospace engineering has an excellence viewpoint. But manufacturing conditions need to be controlled. In this manner new standards has major benefits in aerospace engineering. Clear contractual requirements for buyer and supplier provided in aerospace engineering.

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