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Aviation alphabet, so called Nato phonetic alphabet, is the way of communication in aviation, aerospace and military environment. Space companies, armies, governmental aviation authorities and civil aviation authorities use this coding system to define letters. Alternative names that we use for aviation alphabet is:

-ICAO phonetic alphabet

-NATO phonetic alphabet

-Radiotelephony alphabet

-Mors alphabet

It includes 26 coded words from English (Latin) alphabet system. However the pronunciations may differ depending on the authority, country, army or institution. Please check the morse codes below after the alphabet and see the video to see how to use them:

A Alpha Al fah
B Bravo Brah Voh
C Charlie Char Lee
D Delta Dell Tah
E Echo Eck Oh
F Foxtrot Foks Trot
G Golf Golf
H Hotel Hoh Tell (FAA, IMO, ITU) Ho Tell (ICAO)
I India In Dee Ah
J Juliett Jew Lee Ett
K Kilo Key Loh
L Lima Lee Mah
M Mike Mike
N November No Vem Ber
O Oscar Oss Car
P Papa Pah Pah
Q Quebec Keh Beck
R Romeo Row Me Oh
S Sierra See Air Ah (FAA) See Air Rah (ICAO, IMO, ITU)
T Tango Tang Go
U Uniform You Nee Form
V Victor Vik Tah
W Whiskey Wiss Key
X X Ray Ecks Ray
Y Yankee Yang Key
Z Zulu Zoo Loo

The morse code for the alphabet is given below. You can see the coding system for every given word in the table. Please find the video after the table to see how to type morse codes:


Wondering how to type morse codes? This is your guide:

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