Latest Developments of Aircraft Structures in Aerospace Engineering


Smart Intelligent aircraft structures is the latest developments of aircraft structures in aerospace engineering.

SARISTU (Smart Intelligent Aircraft Structures)  is a large-scale integration project aiming to  reduce the weight of aircraft and lower  operational costs while improving flight profile  specific aerodynamic performance in aerospace engineering.

This aerospace project SARISTU Consortium brings together 64  partners from 16 countries. The project’s total  budget comes to €51 million, funded in part  by the European Commission under Grant  Agreement 284562.

The main goal of the 7th-application scenario of the SARITSU aerospace engineeeing project is to develop a prediction method capable of assessing the airworthiness of aeronautic structures (typical fuselage panels) made of carbon-fibre reinforced plastic in the event of almost invisible multi-site damage caused by external impacts.

What have been done for SARISTU?

The first stage of the scenario involves a series of tests to identify critical damage combinations depending on size, location and type in the case of multi-site impacts.

These tests are conducted using virtual test methods based on digital modelling. The results are then verified and optimised through physical tests.

The second stage consists of a parametric study based on the verified model. The outcome of this study will enable researchers to develop an algorithm for the purposes of developing a method for predicting residual strength in aerospace engineering.

Finally, this method, combined with reliable Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) and damage-detection Information Systems, contributes to the development of a damage assessment tool in aerospace engineering designed to assist in decision-making for subsequent measures to be taken.

saristu project for aerospace engineering

saristu is an aerospace engineering project which is funded by Eu

POP 3D – Portable On-board Printer, 3D Printer in Aerospace Engineering

The project, designed by Altran Italy, was selected in the call for tenders “Volo Umano Spaziale per Ricerche e Dimostrazioni Tecnologiche sulla Stazione Spaziale Internazionale”.

The initiative combines the skills of Altran Italy (the project leader in charge of developing the printing equipment), Thales Alenia Space (in charge of aspects regarding integration aboard the ISS) and IIT (in charge of characterisation and post- flight analyses).

3D printing in space is possible: POP3D (Portable On-Board Printer) is proof. This tool is part of the aerospace engineering experiment to be conducted aboard the International Space Station.

The goal of POP3D is to adapt a technology that has been mastered on the ground for use in space. The project also aims to enhance the technological maturity of additive fabrication – also known as 3D printing – for thermoplastic polymer extrusion in microgravity conditions and inhabited space environments.

Additive fabrication allows for quick and reliable production of small plastic items of different shapes. These pieces can serve a variety of purposes in aerospace engineering. Spacecraft contain countless small components that require specific tools for access or repair procedures. 3D printing makes it possible to manufacture spare parts and simple tools in space.

This is the latest developments of aircraft structures in Aerospace engineering.

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