Interview Questions and Answers In Aerospace Engineering

interview questions and answers in aerospace engineering

Present yourself.

1)My name is Aerospace Engineer, I am 24 years old and I am from England. I have studied in Manchester University because it was the most prestigious school.  But after I have decided to transfer to ISAE which is a French university based in Toulouse. In the last year of ISAE, I decided to do a master and started searching for it. Here at ISAE after Manchester University, I am specializing on a topic which I like, aerospace structures and I am able to use some programs to support my knowledge like nastran, patran abaqus and catia. I would really like to work in the domain of aerospace structures. I am currently looking for a job opportunity.

What are your strong points?

2) I am too dynamic and it makes me step forward in my job with a high energy during the day. The second thing is I am curious about my research every time and it directs me to search more about the topic and to do something better in my project. The other thing is I pay attention to what others suggest me and always try to correct my mistakes by the other people’s observations.

What are your failures?

3) Sometimes I make too much effort on something because I am too passioned about it but I miss the real point while doing that. For example, I have organized a conference about unmanned air vehicles. We were expecting 200 participants but finally there were just 50 which was a big failure for me. The good thing of course I have prepared a conference for 200 people but still I missed a point which was important. The importance is not the number of participants, it is to create the awareness about unmanned air vehicles and our future.

Secondly, I focus too much on the engineering part of the projects. For example, I have done a project about material selection and fatigue analysis to join a research competition. This project has deserved to join final election. The jury really liked but because I was too concentrated on engineering part, my business plan was not perfect and my project costs more than expected so I couldn’t win the competition but I won a price because of final election. That gave me an idea to form my future projects to consider all the parameters and decrease the cost as well.

The third thing is I sometimes take initiative risks but I calculate before taking them. This makes me autonom in my job.

The last thing is I miss experience in my domaine but it is the same for all new graduates.

Interview questions and answers in aerospace engineering

Where do you locate yourself in a team?

4) When I work, I feel like in my second family. For example, while I was doing a part-time assistant job in my university, even if it wasn’t the official part of my job, when somebody asks me for  help at a laboratory, I used to help because I felt like in a family while working and I am very happy when I give energy to my colleagues. As it is my family, I always want to serve the best.

What are your motivations for this job?

5) My motivation is actually written in my CV but I would like to get into details. I left Manchester University to have an international profile in aerospace engineering and of course to see some other companies and systems. I adore working to invent something new for the health of humanity and when I achieve the result, I can say that yes I did it.

The last thing is I really like on working structural topics. If, it is with Nastran I adore it somehow. I have used some other programs which are user friendly but this program is an art for me and I enjoy using it.

Why did you choose our company?

6) It is the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer and merged of some european companies. Its been established with some european companies so it is international. At the same time it has a multicultural environment. The good point that I know is, it has the half amount of all the aircraft orders in the world.  It is not just a company which produces aircrafts but a company who wants to serve for a better world. It is like a school by the way, every document that is produced in methodology department is like a reference document for the whole world. Therefore, a job, or even a small internship with you, gives me the opportunity to acquire the best professional experience possible.

Why did you choose this position?

7)This job, it’s about flight tests and their instrumentation, and these are some of my preferred subjects. Additionally, the possibility that I am going to have here to work in and know more about the flight tests caught my attention on this position. That is really important for me, as I would like to be working on it in the future and because I know that this field is a very delicate for an aeronautical enterprise. Also, I would definitely enjoy working in this domain and learn more about the instrumentation used for flight testing in the company. I’ve performed some tests this year during my university and I had a course on flight test principles, hence I believe that this job is a great opportunity for me.

What is your future object?

8)In the future, I would love to work in aerodynamics and help in the design and conception of the campaigns and new methods in aerodynamics, in a post that allows me to evolve in a professional way and learn more about the techniques used in this field.

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