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Airbus annual reports tell a lot about this question. In this article, two different annual reports which are:

  1. Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report 2014
  2. Registration Document 2014

will be analysed as a reference to answer the question : How international is Airbus, the worlds leader aircraft manufacturer?

As one might know, Airbus is a multinational company which has campuses in different countries/ continents. But it is always better to see the numbers.

Let’s start with this:

airbus active workforce by region

airbus active workforce by region, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report 2014, Airbus

Have a look at the picture? Airbus active workforce by region graph shows us it has:

  1. 51,740 in France
  2. 48,374 in Germany
  3. 12,783 in the UK
  4. 12,449 in Spain
  5. 20,285 Other Countries
  6. 2,991 US ( Which is possibly going to increase with the mobile factory in Alabama this year )

Just another point of view with evolution by years:

Employees by geographic area airbus

Employees by geographic area airbus, Registration Document 2014, Airbus

The interesting point of having two graphs on the same subject is seeing the difference. Even the main countries which contributes to Airbus tend to decrease the work force number, Airbus is recruiting from “other countries” and keeping itself international.  Totally 130 different nationalities with 20 different languages.

Airbus is a company which has diversity aims not just inside company but in engineering everywhere. It is possible to see on internet: Airbus Diversity in Engineering Award. This award is for projects and individuals who can increase diversity in engineering.

Then let’s have a look at the ownership chart of Airbus:

airbus ownership chart

airbus ownership chart, Registration Document 2014, Airbus

To see the whole picture easily:

  1. Public has 74.02
  2. France has 10.94
  3. Germany has 10.92
  4. Spain has 4.12 percentages of the shares

Which shows the international profile in management system. This will be discussed later again. France, Germany and Spain has shares via different organizations on Airbus. To learn how this has been succeed, one should read about history of Airbus. To understand it better, another view is provided here:

evolution of shares in Airbus

evolution of shares in Airbus, Registration Document 2014, Airbus

It can be seen that France has decreased its ownership to half amount and this number went to public part. The public ownership increased from 54.23% to 73.97% in 2 years.  This is more about investor profiles in Airbus but it still explains a lot about being a multi national company because it has shares all over the world.

Why diversity is important?

The answer is easy: It enables us to benefit everybody’s abilities in the world.  The civilization only can advance if we increase diversity in engineering. Working in a team with people who are different than you, will enable you learn something more. This is how we are going to have creativity and innovation in our projects.

To sum up,

Thanks to all companies likes Airbus who inspires engineers for diverse working environments.

Want to spend a bit more time on this topic? Have a look at this video of Airbus:


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