How Much Money Does An Aerospace Engineer Earn?


Aerospace engineering is one of the popular engineering fields in business. If you are interested in aerospace engineering probably you wonder that how much money an aerospace engineer earns. Salary of aerospace engineer changes according to country, working field, experience and skills.

Self-employment opportunities in aerospace engineering is really limited. Working in aerospace engineering companies or projects is main situation for industry. This career situation is named as “on-call” consultation basis. You can work in alternative locations. United States, United Kingdom and European Union Countries have available jobs in aerospace engineering.

As alternative working environment you can prefer working in office, manufacturing or laboratory. You can work on project basis. Being collaborative is critical in aerospace engineering industry. Because in general working is undertaken as being part of a team.

Responsibility of Aerospace Engineers

Working hours of aerospace engineers is between 9 am to 5 pm. But sometimes project deadlines and problems can cause overtime working. As professional you have to have computer skills, analysis and team management skills. Patience is one of the most important personal characteristics in aerospace engineering. Having problems and compulsory situations can effect overtime working environment.

Beyond technical characteristics you need to have budget management skills. Every project has budget borders in itself. During design and manufacturing stage is is really important to be in limits. Project responsibility, certification, scientific and technical background can change an aerospace engineer’s position. If you get any license or certification you don’t forget giving them to check.

What is Salary in Aerospace Engineering

Engineers always say that they are unpaid in their fields. However aerospace engineers have good salaries in comparison to civil and electrical engineers. Aerospace engineers have one of the highest salary in engineering field.

There are alternative fields for aerospace engineers. But each field has pay scale for salary.

There are alternative fields for aerospace engineers. But each field has pay scale for salary.

There is pay scale in many companies. If you are starting your career you can win nearly 70.000 USD yearly. Junior aerospace engineers can get 90.000 USD yearly. Experienced and senior engineers can earn 120.000 USD and more yearly.

In United States aerospace engineers has income between 40 dollars and 60 dollars income. Average salary of aerospace engineers in United States is 100 thousand dollars yearly. Every year salary increase by 5%. Extra income is possible in some projects and companies. Alternative companies can change average salary. Do they have least salary in engineering files?

However according to experience and position income of aerospace engineers can change. Being junior or senior engineer makes difference. If critical technical knowledge is needed salary can change.

There are some myths about salary of aerospace engineers. For example, do they earn more than pilots?

As a result aerospace engineers have a market value. Salary and income of every engineer changes accourding to supply and demand situation of career opportunity. If your are a junior aerospace engineer, you have to check more details than income. Getting experience and having technical assistance have to be first in your list. Keeping yourself up to new technologies is more important than money in aerospace engineering.

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