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Aerospace engineering and aviation is growing up. As growing of aviation, new concerns are out coming as a result. Increasing concern about gas emissions is shaping future of aerospace engineering. Carbon dioxide emission regulations are being organized by different organizations and governments. There is not only one standard or regulation about aircraft emissions. Do you know what the situation is, what you need to know and what will happen in the future about emission regulations?

Energy and automotive industry has long history in comparison to aviation. Most of the global carbon dioxide emission comes from energy production and manufacturing. There are robust standards and future plans about emissions of vehicles and processes. Aviation industry hasn’t deep history and there are only a few steps about greenhouse emissions. But regulations and design steps about aerospace engineering are being taken quickly.

Amount of Carbon Emissions in Aerospace Engineering

Aviation is one of the biggest greenhouse emission source in the world. In the European Union, greenhouse emission that occurs from aviation industry is nearly 3%. But scale of aerospace engineering vehicles and energy requirements are general signs of carbon dioxide emissions trouble.

Yearly, aviation industry had nearly 1 million metric tons of greenhouse emissions in last years. However a few decades later there is a major forecast about insane increase of greenhouse emissions in aviation. According to the forecasts, three times higher emission can be seen in 2050. Each year increasing of emission by 3-4% is expected.

Steps are being taken in aerospace engineering for greenhouse emissions.

Steps are being taken in aerospace engineering for greenhouse emissions.

There are milestones about reducing emissions of aircrafts. In medium time range it is possible to reduce emissions of aircrafts in aerospace engineering. Efficiency of aircraft motors is one of the main points in aerospace engineering. Aircraft manufacturers are planning to decrease fuel consumption and increase efficiency of aircraft engines by 2-3% yearly.

Today and Future of Emission Regulations in Aerospace Engineering

Regulations of emission in cars have decreased emissions of them over 98%. For aviation there are many regulations about emissions, but it is not easy decreasing emissions like cars in a short time. European Union, United Kingdom and United States have different regulations about aircraft emissions. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) are major organizations that have emission regulations of aircrafts.

Each organization’s emission regulation has different frame For example, EPA has basic regulations about equipment and practice. Similarly, FAA has standards and certification that is required for different processes of aviation or ICAO has organization responsibility about emissions.

First steps of emission regulations are taken by NOx standards in 1996. Decreasing of emission effectively starts by 2008. However, there is no regulation about aircraft emissions in international frame. It is needed to have international regulations about aviation. Despite lack of international regulation voluntary steps are taken by aircraft manufacturers. Coordination is compulsory for success of applications.

Not only greenhouse effect is considered for regulations. Also fuel efficiency is being considered. New engine technologies and thermodynamic developments have to be taken in aerospace engineering.

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