Cooling Systems in Aerospace Engineering


Extreme temperatures are natural situation for aerospace engineering. Aircrafts need cooling to continue. Lubrication systems, air cooling systems and liquid cooling systems are used during operation of aircraft engine. These systems keep engine life longer. Controlling temperature of combustion chamber and valves in lower degrees is critical in aerospace engineering. Cooling systems have complex world inside it. Calculations and practice can create different world.

There are two types of cooling system. Air cooled engines and liquid cooled engines are common types in aerospace engineering. Both systems have advantages and disadvantages. Liquid cooled engines have better results in direct cooling. It is easier to control critical areas by using liquid cooling technologies. But there re some issues that need to be considered for liquid cooling. Liquid cooling systems have weight and due to adaption problems it is hard to use in military applications.

Air cooled engines which are cooled by only air movement is another alternative system for cooling in aerospace engineering. It is more simple than liquid cooling system. Because of air cooling system structure, it can be used in military applications. Latest milestones in air cooling led to increase cooling capacity in aerospace engineering. New heat spreaders and heat sinks increase heat density of any engine part.

Cooling System Examples in Aerospace Engineering

In the history air cooling systems has major developments. However, beyond historical development it has common applications in aerospace engineering. Radial engines are perfect example for common applications. Cowl flaps are another example of air cooling systems.

Liquid cooling systems has weight disadvantage. But most of the modern aircraft engines has liquid cooling systems. Because of constant operating conditions and great results led to use liquid cooling in aerospace engineering.

In all cooling systems there are different design criteria for aerospace engineers. Designing perfect cooling channel is first of them. According to engine of aircraft and operation conditions flight altitude have to be considered.

Inside Engine: Working Conditions and Cooling in Aerospace Engineering

Aircrafts have designed to be in the air. Engine parts and mechanical details can work properly. Especially landing operations and take off operations effect cooling performance. Overheat and capacity issues required for take off. During design stage air intake, compressor, combustion chamber, turbine and nozzle have to be designed properly. Different gases can cool aircraft system.

Jet engines have critical design issues for cooling. All parts have to be cooled properly for better service life and safer operation.

Jet engines have critical design issues for cooling. All parts have to be cooled properly for better service life and safer operation.

Not only engine, also electronic parts of aircrafts need to be cooled during operation. In normal conditions they can work properly. But during flight heavy calculations are made by avionics. So power of cloud environment have to be cooled physically. This can be done by using cooling systems like computer cooling systems.

Power demand of aircrafts is increasing. Bigger aircrafts require more power than before. Capacity utilization in aerospace industry creating new fields like thermal management, performance control and efficiency. All of the systems have optimization character. But developing new critical technologies is more important in aerospace engineering.

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