Composite Design in Aerospace Engineering


In aerospace engineering everything starts with material. High design and mechanical requirements and limitation of weight and manufacturing methods Metal, ceramic and polymer material types cannot cover fulfill aerospace engineering demands. In this manner composite materials have a major role in aviation. But it differs from other material types. Design, mechanical test and even maintenance of composite materials have special solutions in aerospace engineering.

Demands that need to be respond require special manufacturing processes. Lightweight, corrosion resistant and durable materials have to be used in aircraft rotors, engines, structures and coating. However design of these parts and materials is not as easy as traditional manufacturing methods. It has risks and limitations.

Composite Design Topics in Aerospace Engineering

Firstly, all materials that is used in aerospace engineering have to have standard specifications. Theoretical issues and applications have to complete each other. Nature of flight and borders of engineering have to be checked clearly. During design step of composite material different topics of each material have to be considered. Adaption of materials in aircraft structures, static and dynamic nature of flight and aviation, manufacturing method, mechanics, analysis, optimization and maintenance issues are basic composite material design principles in aerospace engineering.

Composite Design in Aerospace Engineering Has Different Stages

Composite Design in Aerospace Engineering Has Different Stages

Merging superiority of materials into one material has great potential for aerospace engineering. However critical design and manufacturing limitations make difficult taking advantage of new engineering materials. Handling these limitations is possible by engineering studies about composite materials design.

During composite material design it is important to identify impact of different factors. Efficient design, and clear definition of specifications are most critical targets for aerospace engineering. Beyond this it is important to have cost effective material in manufacturing and process manner. Latest developments in computer science have major advantages about composite material designs. Software and portfolio options reduce risk of failure. Integration 3D design software systems with composite engineering software it is possible to reduce cost of manufacturing.

Design stage is most basic stage of composite material usage in an aircraft. Finite element methods are much more capable ever than before. With new methods and methodologies even crash deformation of aircraft composite structure can be verified in computer environment. Using finite element solutions is making not only failure test. Also, optimization studies are processed in same environment that is related with composite design topics.

What Aerospace Engineering Has and Hasn’t About Composite Design

Aircrafts are most composite friendly engineering vehicles of all the time. High weight and strength ratio of each composite material is most critical point of preference. However there are critical gaps that need to be studied that are related with composite material usage in aerospace engineering. Design and analysis difference of composite is first of them. In computer environment it is easy to have idea about new designs, but it is not fully applicable in real world. Another point is about production capacity and capabilities of any composite material. Most of the composite materials are not fully fabricated yet. So production capacity is limited with tooling and geometry of composite parts in aerospace engineering.

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