Checklist Before Studying Aerospace Engineering


Your Complete Guide To Study Aerospace Engineering

This checklist is to help you for choosing your school to study your major. Be sure to check all of them to find the best university for you. This list may apply to choose bachelor or master’s degree. Please check out our website or ask us for a PhD. All education service below is free of charge. Never forget: Aerospace Engineers shape the future!


  1. Check different rankings to choose your university: You should know the rankings of the universities to decide which one would be proper for you! Find out all the rankings for different parameters here :

    Aerospace Engineering University Rankings for 2017

  2. We also have a list of best schools in all terms. Check out “The Best Aerospace Engineering Universities List“. This list has been prepared by experts to help you. You may be surprised but keep in mind that being the best requires effort, not publicity :

    Best Aerospace Engineering Universities List

  3. Watch the introduction videos of the universities and their aeronautical departments before making your decision. See if it is what you want and know what to expect. Listen to their projects and discover the universities :

    Introduction of Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering Universities

  4. Do you have some questions? Do not pay for education agency, ask you questions to our engineers directly. Our engineers are all aerospace engineers with at least a master degree and years of experience. Also read previously asked questions:

  5. Read articles about aeronautical engineering. Having knowledge about your major of choice is extremely important. Be sure to know something about it. Find out our articles:

  6. Wondering how much could you earn? We do regular surveys with engineers and get governmental data to do our statistics :

    Salary: Aerospace Engineer

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