Ceramics in Aerospace Engineering


Aerospace engineering has many materials in its own world. Lower cost philosophy and increasing performance push manufacturers for seeking new materials. Robust materials are one of the main requirement in aerospace engineering. New materials can be used in specialized applications.

Ceramics are one of the advanced material type in engineering. Advanced ceramics are one of the new fields in materials science. Beyond testing and checking materials, it is really important to use these materials in aerospace engineering. Such as alumina, some type of nitrides are being used in manufacturing of critical aircraft parts.

Main idea of having ceramics in aircraft parts is high temperature environment. Aircraft engine turbines can reach up to 1300 C. By using technical ceramics it is possible to perform highly engineered design.

Advanced ceramics has different types in aerospace engineering. Main problem about producing ceramics is manufacturing techniques. Density of materials, controlled atmosphere and size limitations are main limitations of advanced ceramics.

Basic Applications of Advanced Ceramics in Aerospace Engineering

Glass, piezoelectric and dielectric materials are used in aircrafts. Especially some parts of control system are made from ceramic materials. Military area is an important are for ceramic material developments. Missile systems that has guidance specification has advanced ceramic materials in itself.

High temperature strength and incredible material structure make new designs possible. From sensors to ignition systems there are sensitive applications that advanced ceramics are used. Most innovative materials are made from ceramics.

Ceramics have broad versatility. If you need a specific application you can study about advanced ceramic applications. But you have to put great effort to develop new material.

Ceramics have broad versatility. If you need a specific application you can study about advanced ceramic applications. But you have to put great effort to develop new material.

Dielectric and piezoelectric materials, polycrystalling ceramics and glass are most common advanced ceramic materials in aerospace engineering. Ultrasonic applications are possible by using ceramic materials. For example fuel tank application of aircrafts is an advanced ceramics success. Thermocouple and seals that are made from ceramics, too.

Why Ceramic Materials are Used in Aerospace Engineering

Main idea using ceramics in aerospace engineering is powerful properties of advanced materials. According to researches it is possible to take advantage of ceramic structure in aerospace applications. Ignition technology that use alumina ceramics is one of them. Alumina has great thermal resistance and weight-performance ratio that is suitable for aerospace engineering.

Not only finished products which made from ceramics are only used in aircrafts. Also, semi finished products can be used. Engine component repairing applications are one of semi finished advanced ceramic application. In practice pre-sintered form of ceramics are used in high temperature repairs. Maintenance with natural process gives better results than conventional techniques like welding.

Ceramic materials have brittle structure. Combining ceramic material properties with another materials  give excellent results. Because of ceramic materials’ versatility it is possible to use ceramic materials in specific applications. However, developing new material is not easy. Robust and high temperature structure of ceramic world make it harder. In aerospace engineering, if you want to design something that you think it’s impossible first dream it with ceramics.

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