Airlander 10 Crashed During Test Flight


Airlander 10 has been developed for the US Air Force to be used on observatory missions in Afghanistan (It is mentioned that it can be used for civil and cargo purposes as well) by Hybrid Air Vehicles company. It has completed its first test flight in 17 August 2016 with success. Technically it can go up to 5000 meters altitude and has 4 V8 diesel engines which enables to have 148 km/hour.

Wondering how it works? Here is what the Hybrid Air Vehicles think about its design:

airlander 10

As they say, it works the same as the 20th century airships but this one is hybrid!

During its test flight on last wednesday, unfortunately an accident happened and the Airlander 10 noisedived slowly on the ground. Hopefully nobody was injured but the cockpit was damaged. The incident happened during its take of due to its pert, explained the experts.

Here is a video of the crash:

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