Aircraft Maintenance Application and Standards in Aerospace Engineering


Aerospace engineering has robust standards that require quality and safety in all aspects. Beyond production it is important to have planned maintenance program during service time of aircraft. Planning and making maintenance properly ensure performance and safety of mechanical equipment and passengers. Being preventative is most critical point in aircraft maintenance. Standardization of maintenance operations and maintenance environment is one of the most popular topic in aerospace engineering.

Technology in aerospace engineering is changing fast. Development of technological environment effects evolution of maintenance technology. Many areas included in maintenance field. Replacing parts, diagnosis and repair of problems, test and certification of standards are common duties that included in aerospace engineering. However there are different operations that can be made for an aircraft in maintenance area. Human factor has a big role to improve all of them.

Commercial Side of Maintenance in Aerospace Engineering

Coating, painting, interior upgrades are commercial operations that made by aviation maintenance companies. On the other side there are different maintenance facilities for each vehicle types. For example aerial imaging systems, a helicopter, para-gliders and ultra-light aerospace engineering vehicles has special maintenance operations.

Philosophy is most important thing in aircraft maintenance

Aerospace engineering philosophy is most important thing in aircraft maintenance

Aviation repair station certifications are important in all over the world countries. USA certification FAA (FAA-121) and EU certification EASA (EASA-145) are common standards for repair stations. However different regulations and standards in each country can be applied. Certifications have different scopes about maintenance engineering services, engine and mechanical part repairs and maintenance of composite materials.

Beyond Philosophy: Maintenance Cost and Operations in Aerospace Engineering

Safety of aircraft and passengers is most important thing in aviation. New technology and new techniques used during maintenance. There are different projects that has objective to develop new concepts for maintenance. It is possible to have less cost with proper maintenance applications. Beyond cost preventing human errors during maintenance is a major point. Wrong tasks of operation and human errors can contribute accidents by 15%. When you consider other risks that is important to prevent human errors.

Excellence in management is core point of maintenance organizations. State of art quality control procedures and engineering applications are used in aerospace engineering. As a result of these operations is has a cost. Up to 45 percent of aviation operations consist of maintenance, ground operations and other services. If you mention only maintenance cost of an aircraft we can say that it can account nearly 20% of direct operation cost.

There is huge carrier opportunity if you want to work as a maintenance engineer in aerospace engineering field. Employment rate of an average maintenance engineer program can reach up to 94%. Many civil aviation societies has category A and category B maintenance engineer programs. State of art techniques are reached during training of an maintenance engineer.

There are different focused topics about aerospace engineering maintenance. Maintenance work requires a lot of skill from signal processing techniques to HMI technologies. Personal skill and organizational success are most important thing for a better maintenance philosophy in aerospace engineering.


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