Aerospace Engineering Success: Portable devices usage in airplanes

cellphone usage aerospace engineering

As you might know, cell phones and tablets usage was an issue on flights in the world which was not solved by aerospace engineering and computer engineers. Aviation authorities have been analyzing and searching this during a long time. Last year on 26 September 2014, european aviation authorirty has removed PED (portable electronic devices) from the forbidden list and let the airliners to choose what to do about them. Some airlines has let passengers to use in airplane mod except take off and landing, some did not. Right now it depends on the airliner to let you use in airplane mod or not.

We are talking about a different thing! Could you imagine calling your friends or your colleagues on flight? A breaking news from Turkey says yes. Four telecommunication companies got permission and a license from association of informatics and technology in Turkey and they all are waiting for the civil aviation authority to make the changes. With that new rule:

Thanks to the aerospace engineering :

-You will be able to use your phone after 6000 meters altitude

-The airlines who wants to use the system will have to do the modifications on the plane which is defined by civil aviation authority

-The airplanes have to have GSM1800 system which will be the signal distributor

-Only the specified frequency can be used

-During take off and landing it will still be forbidden to let you get prepared in case of a crash or incident

-The system will be available only in Turkish Air Space and just can be used in domestic flights

That means you can call anyone during flight or even use internet and chat with friends. This will be a milestone in aviation history as we had a lot of crashes whose cause have been shown as cell phones which were forgotten turned on. The aerospace industry has developed a lot during last years and now we are changing all strict rules.

aerospace engineering aviation portable device usage

aerospace engineering aviation portable device usage

How this system will work? Lets listen from experts in aerospace engineering:

The signals will be taken from the ground station of the telecommunication companies by satellite carriers and will be transmitted to the satellite communication system of the airplane. This signal inside the airplane will be distributed to the aircraft by using pico cell system. And all of this engineering process will be done in a given frequency over 6000 meters of altitude. So than passengers will be able to use their phones and internet.

Thanks to the aerospace engineering who are working hard to make the world better and let us have a comfortable flight, now we are just facing an important time in aviation history. As the aerospace engineering industry stepping forward too fast, seems like we are going to hear more interesting news from the aerospace engineers. Work hard try hard! Aerospace is every time an unknown problem waiting to be solved by aerospace engineers.

We hope that this brand new improvement  would be worldwide soon and we all use our cell phones and tablets in domestic and international flights except to call the pilot of the aircraft 🙂 Lets hope the aerospace engineering gets better.


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