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Nowadays, aerospace engineering is one of the most respected jobs in the world. Challenging environment of industry and experienced professional demand is changing quickly. Scholarships are important for future of industry.

Aerospace engineering programs have undergraduate, graduate and post graduate level in major universities of world. There are different fields like design, maintenance and production that is available to study and research. Governments, companies and organizations have financial aid and reward programs for students.

If you are planning to enroll an aerospace engineering program, you need to check scholarship opportunities for financial aid. Financial support is more critical than enrolling undergraduate or graduate program. Generally, attending project or pursuing degrees related to aerospace engineering is required for supports.

As an aerospace engineer you can apply international summer internship scholar programs. It takes nearly 10 weeks to complete internship.

As an aerospace engineer you can apply international summer internship scholar programs. It takes nearly 10 weeks to complete internship.

At the beginning of undergraduate program it is not easy getting scholarships. After first semester or year you can be awarded by different programs. But you need to have grade point average which is required for organization or company. If you are a graduate program you can apply research programs that have scholarship opportunity.

Scholarships for Aerospace Engineering Students in USA

USA have great scholarship opportunities for aerospace engineering students. Organizations and companies have great relationships with universities. NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration),  AIAA (The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) are well known government organizations that have award programs and scholarships for students.  Each organization have some basic criteria for students. Membership, being full-time student and having an minimum grade point are common criteria of scholarships.

Scholarships for Aerospace Engineering Students in EU

European Union have great development in aerospace industry. Airbus Group, which is known as EADS, is one of the biggest aerospace engineering company in the world. Beyond commercial companies governmental organizations have scholarships opportunities.

Amount of scholarship varies according to country, education level and award program. Scholarships are paid by yearly or monthly basis. Loans change between 1.000 USD and 35.000 USD. Beyond scholarship benefits, it is possible to have research environment in scope of award programs.

You can apply these organizations and programs for scholarships:

  • Aerospace States Association,
  • Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA),
  • Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association,
  • Airport Minority Advisory Council,
  • AvScholars,
  • EAA Scholarship Programs,
  • Helicopter Foundation International,
  • National Agricultural Aviation Association,
  • National Business Aviation Association (NBAA),
  • National Coalition for Aviation and Space Education (NCASE),

There are governmental supports for scholarships. If you are studying as an aerospace engineering student in your county, you can apply student exchange programs. Exchange programs that are supported by international agreements have great benefits.

In post graduate level you can attend projects that are related with aerospace engineering. Aerospace engineers, mechanical engineers and material science engineers can attend different projects. However, these projects have long periods and can require staying in abroad.

Summer internship in research centers can be an alternative to educational scholarships It takes nearly 10 weeks to have internship in abroad. If you are interested in scholarship opportunities you can apply summer programs.

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