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Dream of flying comes true by aerospace engineers. Aerospace is a major field of engineering. Aerospace engineers work for aircraft, rotorcraft, spacecraft, satellite, rocket and UAV manufacturing. Manufacturing and maintenance of these vehicles are common working fields of aerospace engineers.

Aerospace engineers are can be known as aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering. But these job descriptions are different indeed. Aeronautical engineering works about aircrafts, rotorcrafts and UAVs. Astronautical engineering works about satellites, space crafts and shuttles.

Aerospace engineers can work for government and private companies. Mechanical, electrical and computer engineers can work in aerospace engineering industry. However, that situation is not common. Because aerospace engineers have great education discipline. Aerospace engineering career requires some skills to be work in aerospace industry.

Aerospace engineers can have a job in research, manufacturing, maintenance and certification fields. They have really broad area that they can prefer. Because broad field and variety of duties, specialization in aerospace engineering is really critical. Aerospace engineers can work as design engineer, test engineer, structure and manufacturing engineer, software engineer.

Which Skills Are Required for Aerospace Engineers

Aerospace engineers are graduated from aerospace engineering programs that are undergraduate or graduate level. In some situations, like research and development a project, having post graduate degree is important.

Being part of a research or project group is easy in aerospace engineering. However, working in a period of time comes with some disadvantages. In aerospace engineering, if you are working as project basis career advancement opportunities in same company is not easy. If you get substantial skills and experience you can get better jobs in aerospace industry.

If you want to get better jobs as an aerospace engineer you have to gain experience about aerodynamics in aircrafts, propulsion and engine technologies, software and computer science, mechanics and maintenance.

Work Activities of Aerospace Engineers

Aerospace engineers can work in factory or laboratory environment. Manufacturing and maintenance engineers work can work in hangars. Design, test and simulation engineers usually work in laboratories. Each project and field have different work activities.

Feasibility studies are important part of design projects. Computer aided design is required for aerospace engineers. Who work in design projects. During design period of project laboratory and office duties are common.

Aerospace engineers can work in office or manufacturing factory. Working environment and activities of aerospace engineers depend on working field like design, manufacturing and testing.

Aerospace engineers can work in office or manufacturing factory. Working environment and activities of aerospace engineers depend on working field like design, manufacturing and testing.

However, working in manufacturing stage is different. Technical demands about design and practical differences make harder to work in manufacturing. If you are working in manufacturing you can have overtime. If you want to work about manufacturing of aircraft, you have to have patience and always need to be ambitious.

When you think complex nature of flying you can say collaborative working is important. Project, research and maintenance groups are common in aerospace engineering. Certification can open new career advancement opportunities. As an aerospace engineer you need to have certifications about sustainability, quality and progress management.  Certification of aerospace engineering skill is required in all aerospace industry.

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