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Aerospace engineering is one of the latest courses in universities. It has broad knowledge and application field in science and development of aircraft technologies. Anyone that is interested in aircrafts can attend these courses. You can prefer bachelor degree or masters degree in aerospace engineering. In undergraduate level generally aerospace engineering courses takes 4 years of time. Masters degree takes two or three years of time.

Advanced mathematics and physics re required for aerospace engineering. If you have international language proficiency for English you can attend international courses. IELTS or TOEFL results can be useful for international university applications. Price of the course changes according to university and country.

Aerospace Engineering Topics

In lecture courses aerospace engineering based on mathematics and physics. However, technical base of aerospace engineering has many concepts. Beyond mathematics, physics and electronics courses design and testing concepts are specific topics.

Aerodynamics, aeroelasticity, materials science and engineering, avionics, engine and propulsion technologies, structures and design are specializations of aerospace engineering. According to specialized topics materials, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, computing and electronic courses can be added to education period.

What are Career Opportunities for Aerospace Engineers?

Aerospace engineering is one of the fresh engineering field. Civil and military sectors are applicable for junior or senior engineers. You can work for government or private sector. But in both situations experience is required for better positions in aerospace engineering. Aerospace engineer or aeronautical engineer, researcher, designer, maintenance technican or consultant are alternative careers for graduated students.

If you want to work as aerospace engineer, you have to be specialized on computer aided design and analysis. Improvement of any aerospace engineering vehicle is your main duty for your job. Alternative positions and scopes are possible for this job.

There are different career alternatives for aerospace engineers. However, each career has different requirements and working disciplines.

There are different career alternatives for aerospace engineers. However, each career has different requirements and working disciplines. You have to decide.

If you want to be in scientific side of aerospace engineering, you can think about working as researcher. A researcher in aerospace engineering work on discovering new potential of aerospace engineering. If you are patient and ambitious, you can work as a researcher.

Working as designer is one of the most popular jobs in aerospace engineering. If you are interested in aerodynamics, materials and ergonomics you can for any design project. Whole design process requires experience and extensive technical knowledge about aircrafts. So if you want to work as a designer you have to be collaborative for aerospace engineering.

Maintenance is critical in aerospace engineering lifecycle of aircraft is based on excellence. Different sized hangars or supply chains can be your alternative career. Technical or office workers are needed for maintenance. Structure, materials, gearboxes, flight control systems, etc. are needed to be qualify in aerospace maintenance engineering.

Experience and deep analysis are new opportunities in aerospace engineering. Working as consultant is not as easy as another jobs in aerospace engineering. If you have broad knowledge about marketing and practice you can work as a consultant.  Anyway, all fields of aerospace engineering have great job opportunities.

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