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Aerospace engineering is one of the biggest manufacturing areas in the world. Different supply chains and high manufacturing requirements are well knows issues in the aircraft production. Big acquisitions that made by major companies like Airbus and Boeing are always trendy topics. From cybersecurity to composite material there are different businesses for aerospace engineering companies. Beyond big acquisitions mid and small sized companies are highly active.

Manufacturing of aircraft needs a lot of auxiliary equipment. However for small sized aerospace engineering companies maintenance applications are common business. There are a lot of aircraft maintenance point in all over the world. Certification and capabilities of each company changes according to the situations.

Top 10 Aerospace Engineering Companies in The World

Major companies that has amazing financial performance changes rarely. Growing of military and civil environment in aerospace engineering increases revenue and income of top manufacturing companies. You can see top 10 aerospace engineering companies in the table. All digits are based on 2012 data and according to financial reports.

Boeing is the biggest aerospace engineering company in the world. It has more than 25% growing in sales and revenue in each year. Airbus group that named as EADS in the table is another biggest player after Boeing. Major part of top 10 companies has military vehicle manufacturing.

Company Revenue Profit
Boeing $ 81.7 billion $ 6.31 billion
EADS $ 74.8 billion $ 2.82 billion
Lockheed Martin $ 47.2 billion $ 4.43 billion
United Technologies $ 29.1 billion $ 3.25 billion
Northrop Grumman $ 28.1 billion $ 2.83 billion
Raytheon $ 24.4 billion $ 2.99 billion
General Electric $ 20.0 billion $ 3.75 billion
Safran $ 15.9 billion $ 1.92 billion

Insane deals and big acquisitions are another side of story. From repair companies to manufacturers there is an active bulletin about aerospace engineering companies.

Working about military changes financial situation of every aerospace engineering company. Heavy applications or military products led to have higher income than civil applications. Mid sized aerospace engineering companies work about simulation and motion technologies. There are different companies that manufacture sensors and computer based applications.

There are major aerospace engineering companies that work as manufacturer and supplier of manufacturer.

There are major aerospace engineering companies that work as manufacturer and supplier of manufacturer.

However, details of aerospace engineering companies are limitless. Most of the companies are solution partners of big manufacturers. There are five basic solution partner type for an aircraft production. Command, control, communication, computer, cyber and intelligence are common fields of solution partners.

New and Different Philosophy About Aerospace Engineering Companies

Also, lifecycle solutions that defined as airplane OEM industry is an integrated solution. Maintenance of aircraft during its service life is core point in this philosophy. For example Boeing has a integration program that is named as GoldCare to fulfill requirements of aircraft lifecycle like maintenance and operation.

As a result aerospace engineering companies has bright future. Fast growing of aerospace engineering and high value of research and development give new opportunities in commercial field. Profitability of aerospace engineering companies are highly depended on usability and broad application of its technologies.

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