Aerospace Engineering and Shape of Aircrafts in the Future


In aerospace engineering aircrafts has evolved amazingly since Wright brothers’ flight. Passenger aircrafts has changed rapidly. Due to commercial competition new aerospace engineering technologies has evolved quickly. Until this time shape of aircrafts hasn’t changed so much. Only size and passenger capacity has increased by using new design concepts and materials. But in the future amazing design and capacity of aircrafts will be seen in aerospace engineering.

Early days of 20th century was not as wild as today’s competition environment. However this time is different. Passenger capacity, fuel consumption and emissions has major effect in design of new aircrafts in aerospace engineering.

In the future, passenger flight will change ever than before. Supersonic flight concept will be new target of aerospace engineering. New requirements and technologies will shape future of flight. At first shape of the aircraft will be redesigned. More passengers in a supersonic aircraft is going to be possible with donut shaped aircrafts. Beyond passenger capacity less stressed design needed to be considered in new era of aircraft. There are different patents, which are taken by aircraft manufacturers. Donut shaped aircraft and flying wing concept are some examples of future designs.

Future of Flight and Passenger Environment in Aerospace Engineering

Not only shape and flight speed of aircraft will change in the future. Also, cockpit and cabin environment of aircraft will change, too. Beyond luxury and material specification concept of all flight environment will change with new aerospace engineering technologies. Augmented reality and interactive technologies will be in the core of new aircraft.

There are alternative designs in aerospace engineering. However all of them are needed to be work.

There are alternative designs in aerospace engineering. However all of them are needed to be work.

Windowless cockpits that have a different digital display on glasses will be new concepts. State of art developments that are near the pilot are giving signal of these technologies. Pilot environment will be more safety based in next era of aircrafts. However, passenger environments are going to be more interactive than flight environment. Multimedia technologies in aircraft will not be luxury. From windows to screens everything will be more user centric. Especially touchable windows are one of the dreamed developments in the future.

What About Manufacturing of Future’s Aircraft in Aerospace Engineering?

Dreams are limitless. But limits of manufacturing techniques in aerospace engineering are clear. Merging dreams and realities is most important point for future of aerospace. In the future robotics and nanotechnology will be in top position for new developments.

Composite materials’ developments will be in the core for future materials. In an aircraft 50% of manufacturing has made from advanced composites. So there is a huge potential for alternative usages. In near future it is not able to have a complete solution about aircrafts.

Ending of aluminum age that is standard material of aerospace engineering is going to start carbon age. Carbon fiber bodies and frames are being created in new aircrafts. Overcoming design and mechanical issues will start new era of aerospace engineering. Future of aircraft does not mean comfort of passenger. It means total concept in aerospace engineering. 

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