Aerospace Engineering and Latest Technologies in Pilot Training


Pilots we can say drivers of aerospace engineering vehicles have a job that requires experience and perfection. Risk of any accident during flight is needless. Cost of any problem that related pilotage is more than cost of any education. Typical pilot training period in aerospace engineering starts with ground training and then goes on with flight training. After basic training mentor programs and refreshing skills are important. Training program has same concept and philosophy. But technological developments about simulation and augmented reality have changed content of pilot training.

Before becoming pilot you need to learn basic topics and details about aviation. Aircraft systems, aerodynamics, navigation, weather, aircraft operations and regulations are general topics that you need to learn. This topics has relations about aerospace engineering. If you have preliminary requirements you can advance them and get a certificate as pilot. After basic certification it is possible to go further with new courses. But during each course you need more time and experience to get another.

Simulation Programs in Aerospace Engineering

There are different simulation programs that used in pilot training. Most of the common simulations are used as instrument and basic training environment. Flight controls in cockpit, avionics and cockpit accessories are software and hardware options of simulation platforms. International working groups, societies and authorities are convenient to standards like FAA and EASA. Simulations and computer environment has major contribution to pilot training. X-Plane, FSX and P3D are common simulation platforms that used in pilot training.


During training you can check all real details.

Nevertheless, developments in computer science also developed simulation platforms. Using virtual environment in aerospace engineering can help reducing real flight time. Motion and sensor systems support visual system on behalf of reality. Using computational simulation with motion during pilot training is one of the best computer processes that used in aerospace engineering.

Latest Simulation Technology in Aerospace Engineering and Pilot Training

Before development of augmented reality technologies nearly all of simulations are based on computational details. However merging real world with computational objects has started new era of simulation platforms in aerospace engineering. With new technologies it is possible to create different scenarios in pilot training.

NASA is one of the authorities that use latest generation of simulation technology which is named as Fused Reality during pilot training. Fused Reality has a big difference according to common simulation platforms. It is based on augmented reality interaction. Different scenarios can be prepared for training.

Fused Reality is a simulation system that works by using eyeglasses like Google Glass. A helmet, that has glass, presents virtual images during flight. Combining reality with simulation objects has successful results about maneuver and risky flight operations. In traditional simulations most of scenarios are related with usual flight operations.

Beyond training simulation results of computer based flight are used in aerospace engineering. New control algorithms, new configurations and response of pilot are developed by simulation data. Missions in a simulation are limitless. Practice can change lots of things in pilot. But experience is experience. Nothing can change real results of flight in aerospace engineering.

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