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There are different career options in aerospace engineering. Design, systems engineering, certification, ground and traffic control are some of opportunities in aviation. Maintenance engineering is an option that is really popular in all over the world. Maintenance engineering has own disciplines inside it.

In aerospace engineering aircraft maintenance engineers are responsible from maintain and repair of all aircraft systems like engine, parts, mechanical structure and automation. They have advanced knowledge about aerodynamics and state of art repair techniques. Job opportunities of maintenance engineer are average. Salary of them is depend on experience and varies between 28.000 USD and 130.000 USD yearly. Airlines always need their own experts or third party contactors for their maintenance operations.

Sophisticated world of aircraft has difficult tasks for maintenance. It shows that if revolutionized developments will happen or not human is one of the compulsory factors in aerospace engineering.

Interested in Aerospace Engineering? Learn Requirements of Maintenance Engineer

Day to day basis of aircrafts is has more detail than routine flight. Testing and checking of aircraft systems requires highly talented maintenance engineers. Keeping aircraft in service through routine maintenance is most important job for maintenance engineers. A good maintenance engineer needs to learn aircraft diagnostic and maintenance equipment usage. There is a lot of development about preventative maintenance and unplanned maintenance.

If you want to be an aircraft maintenance engineer firstly you need to be proficient in speaking, writing and reading in English language. If you are proficient in English you have to have experience about aviation. If you do not have it is really hard to be approved as maintenance engineer. After basic skills you need a maintenance-training program that is approved by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) or FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). Each organization has different scope about maintenance engineering courses. However completing course does not mean you are a successful expert for aviation industry. You always need experience to proof your knowledge.

Future of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in Aerospace Engineering

Future is coming. Aircrafts are most technological engineering vehicles in the world. All aircrafts have planned maintenance, which is determined by flying hours. Future of aviation and maintenance engineering is really bright. According to the statistics in two decades aviation industry will double aircraft vehicles. And each new aircraft is going to require new aircraft maintenance engineers. New developments in commercial aviation will need more then 600.000 new aircraft maintenance personals in 20 years. Investing your future can be most sensible thing that you have ever done.

Invest your future as working aircraft engineering in aviation.

Invest your future as working aircraft engineering in aviation.

Becoming an aircraft maintenance engineer led people being more close to aircraft producers. New generation of aircrafts and state of art maintenance technologies can prepare new job fields in aircraft production for experienced people. Automation, mechanics, aerodynamics, materials and service can be your field in aerospace engineering.

Graduate or post graduate programs are available for aircraft engineers. If you are interested in aerospace engineering you can be an aircraft maintenance engineer if you have skills like analytics, design, collaboration and detailed diagnostic. Future of aviation will need talented aerospace engineering professionals in all fields.

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