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Aerospace engineers have great job. But aerospace engineering job requires formal education. Job aspects and working conditions of aerospace engineers assign median salary in the industry.

According to salary surveys aerospace engineering is one of the major fields that pay highest salary to new graduate students. Payment can be calculated as yearly, monthly and hourly. Earning for aerospace engineers vary by graduation, job field and experience.

Aerospace Engineer Salary in 2015

Aerospace engineering is a popular engineering field. In the USA, average aerospace engineer salary is higher than nearly 50% of all jobs. Salary index has increased nearly 10%. In next 10 years aerospace engineering is being seen as one of the high growth engineering field. In the past, there were nearly 80.000 aerospace engineers in USA. But since high technology situation and capital costs of aerospace industry, demand growth of aerospace engineers is not so fast.

In recent surveys aerospace engineers has salary between 54.000 USD and 130.000 USD in 2015. Median pay scale of aerospace engineers is 80.000 USD. As an minimum average nearly 20% of aerospace engineers have wage less than 60.000 USD.

NASA Aerospace Engineer Salary

NASA is a major government organization that has great improvements in aerospace engineering. Most of the jobs in NASA is based on research and development studies. NASA is a great place to work as aerospace engineer. You can check open positions in NASA from its website. Salaries change according to projects and positions. You can find salaries less and more than 100.000. USD. Experience and post-graduation degree have great influence in NASA career. NASA is always looking for aerospace engineers for different projects.

Aerospace Engineer Average Salary

Aerospace engineers develop new products and aircrafts in aerospace industry. Manufacturing, maintenance and design stages of aerospace industry can be possible working fields for aerospace engineers. Aerospace engineers’ salary has a range between 60.000 USD and 75.000 USD.

Higher salaries are available for research projects. Renowned employers can get higher wages. Salary is highly depended to working environment and city. As an aerospace engineer you can work in factory production or laboratory environment.

Skill certification and experience have major effect on aerospace engineers’ salary. Seniority is critical in aerospace industry. According to surveys aerospace engineering is one of the top mid-career paying jobs. If you have 10-15 years of experience in aerospace engineering you can have wage that is more than 100.000 USD.

Aerospace engineering is one of the top paying fields in the world. However, wage of aerospace engineers is highly depended on experience and skills.

Aerospace engineering is one of the top paying fields in the world. However, wage of aerospace engineers is highly depended on experience and skills.

High salary and great career opportunities are advantages of aerospace engineers. However there are disadvantages of being aerospace engineer. If you are planning to have your own work it is not as easy as in another engineering field. Self-employment is really limited in aerospace industry.

If you are not an aerospace engineer you can work in aerospace industry. As an electrical, computer and mechanical engineer you can get skill certifications which is important for aerospace industry. But it is an unusual situation for industry. Because aerospace engineers have education different fields.

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