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Aerospace engineering has respect as a job in all over the world. Projected growth in aerospace engineering is important for the future. In next decade engineering is going to be fastest growing job. Is aerospace engineering going to have growth like other engineering fields? How will aerospace industry growth going to effect career opportunities? How will industry growth effect aerospace engineering jobs?

In aerospace industry not only aerospace engineers, also other engineering field are going to have new opportunities. Especially new developments in material science and nanotechnology can be new horizons in aerospace industry.If you are not an aerospace engineer, you can work in these fields as material science and physics researcher.

Aerospace Industry Growth Forecasts

Aerospace industry is going to grow next years. Civil and military developments in aerospace industry will happen. Until 2030 air traffic is going to double. Annual growth of aircraft industry is expected as 5% in average. As a result of growth more competitive market is going to be seen in aerospace industry supply chain.

Aerospace engineering is a high value job. Managing skills and is important for better future. Government and private companies recognize that skill management is critical. In this manner new job opportunities is going to be seen in the future. In next ten years more than 20.000 high value aerospace engineering jobs going to be added.

Aerospace Engineering and Future Opportunities

Nearly 2 million engineers is working and nearly 80.000 of them are aerospace engineers. Revenue and earning growth in aerospace industry is decreasing in recent years. However, job growth in recent years is between 7 and 13 percent.

Commercial aerospace sector has growth nearly 10 percent in 2015. However, expectations in aerospace manufacturing industry didn’t come real. But in next years energy efficient developments and replacement cycle of aircrafts are going to be driving growth force.

Developments in safety, military, environmental and energy are going to be popular fields in next 10 years. So it is really important to have new engineers that have research skills in these fields. Most of the companies which are in aerospace industry have enormous research and development budgets.

According to forecasts, aerospace engineering jobs will grow nearly 10% in next 10 years.

According to forecasts, aerospace engineering jobs will grow nearly 10% in next 10 years. It is not so high. However, technological developments can change figure.

Beyond civil applications military applications are going to be critical in the future. In these years defense budgets of governments are decreasing. However, equipment requirements of governments are increasing in some countries. New strategies about defense are going to be completed with new details.

Aircraft manufacturing capacity has its own limits. In report you can see details of production capacity of aircraft manufacturer. And delivery of aircrafts is planned as well. However, supply chain and maintenance cycles need new engineers. For aerospace engineers maintenance and supply chain are going to be available positions in next 10 years.

As a result new technologies and developments can change the figure. In next decade energy related topics can open new positions in aerospace engineering. But it is early to mention about using hybrid and renewable energies in aerospace engineering.

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