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Fuel efficiency and environmental requirements that is related to aerospace engineering has grown up in last decade. Environmental aspects and demands has changed aircraft design philosophy. As a result aerospace engineering has noise challenge in aircraft design.

Take off, landing and flight have noise restrictions. Design, material choice and different technologies led to have quitter aircraft. From engine design to cabin structure, everything has critical details for noise reduction. Governments and international organizations push borders of noisy aircraft nature.

In the past there were different aircrafts that are not permissioned for flight because of high noise issue. Concorde, the supersonic jet was victim of this problem. Since 1970s there are major developments about quieter aircraft design.

Standards and Restrictions in Aerospace Engineering

First noise standards for aircraft design has set in 1968 by FAA. Three stages of aircraft noise level has defined in standards. Beyond old standards In next five years European Union countries are planning to strict noise level of aircrafts. According to new standards aircrafts that has Stage II and Stage III noise levels will be out of service in next years. These regulations are not problem for aerospace engineering field. According to technical details, today’s aircrafts have 75% less noise than 1970s’ aircrafts.

Why Having Quieter Aircraft Is Important in Aerospace Engineering

In consumer side having quieter aircraft means comfort. But acoustic details of aircraft is not limited with comfort. Also, having quieter aircraft means less fuel consumption in aerospace engineering. Better combustion and less friction in aircraft engine decreases noise level of aircrafts. But material type and design is important for this process.

How Is Noise Level Obtained During Design Stage in Aerospace Engineering?

Obtaining noise level is not an easy process. It requires broad knowledge about elements of aviation. Reducing impact of noise an important matter for airlines and manufacturers. To do this it is important to know noise sources and sound wave specifications in aerospace engineering.

In last decade it has became important obtaining noise level in design stage. Acoustic simulation of design has developed by different manufacturers. Flight operation and engineering parameters can be defined in acoustic simulation.

aircraft engine

aircraft engine

In the past a lot of data have to be analyzed in acoustic simulation. So it was really hard to integrate result with design process. However, developments in computer science led to have integration.

Before last developments sound management was a great challenge for aircraft manufacturers. In the past, complex parameters of acoustic simulation had limit usage of data in aircraft design. But new developments in computer science and integration capabilities it is possible to use data in design process. Each noise source has different acoustic details that have to be calculated during simulation.

Environmental issues has clear borders in aerospace engineering. Increasing traffic of aircrafts shows that new regulations are going to be set in the future. But not only environmental aspects, also efficiency issues requires acoustic improvements in aircrafts. Acoustic simulation and integration of data with design process are some of latest developments in aerospace engineering.

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