A320 Final Assembly Line is a New era for Aerospace Engineering

a320 aerospace engineering aviation news fal

Airbus as the leader company in aerospace engineering, has established its new assembly line for A320 at Alabama, United States. Today we are going to give the details of this aviation new. The total amount of the investment that has been done is 600 million euros. The aim is important:

  • To be able to produce 50 aircraft per year by 2017
  • To increase its part in the worlds biggest aircraft market
  • To recruit 1000 people by 2018

And also with that new factory Airbus has shown that it is a global aircraft manufacturer.  Just to have a look at the numbers:

  • Airbus has received 348 order this year and delivered 304
  • Boeing has received 281 and delivered 381

What advantages Airbus has to have a production line in US:

  • Be close to suppliers in US
  • Be close to subcontractors in US
a320 aerospace engineering final assembly line aviation news

a320 aerospace engineering final assembly line aviation news

Details of best aerospace engineering company’s new factory

The important thing is Airbus is not looking for cheap man force but looking for talents. As now Airbus has recruited 200 people including aerospace engineers and they have been getting educations in Europe for a while. Of course Airbus will need more qualified aerospace engineers who are experienced in manufacturing with a mobility.  This was not actually the first relation between US and Airbus. Airbus is already doing design and development in Airbus Engineering Services with around 200 engineers working on aerospace engineering.  This center was already opened in 2007 mainly for A350 program.

With that new factory, if Airbus can reach 8 aircraft per month, the amount of workers will be able to reach to 1000.  As they have stated, Airbus has already 3800 employees in US. Different parts of the A320 will gather at Hamburg and will be shipped to US, Airbus A320 assembly line. After that, the assembly is going to take 25 days. From now on we will be able to say made in US A320. The initial assembly line was in Toulouse then moved to Hamburg and now Alabama.

What Aerospace engineering activities can be done in the assembly line

Testing activities will be able to done by engineers. Also assemble of the aircraft, checks and then painting can be done in the facility.  The parts will arrive by sea transportation system that Airbus already uses for some deliveries.  Airbus’ manufacturing abilities also will have increased with that development.

As Fabrice Bregier has spoken during the launch of the assembly line, this is a real milestone in the whole aviation history of the world not just US. The leading innovative company is creating a better world and improving the technology without having a break, which is actually admirable! This is a rare aviation new that we do not see everyday.

In future we will all see what is going to happen with this new final assembly line. In addition we will be seeing what is going to be the reaction of Boeing for this action.

To get more knowledge about the topic, you can watch the launching ceremony of the finall assembly line of A320 in Alabama with the video below:

To be the best aerospace engineering company needs a lot of dedication!

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